Orthodontic care is due for an adjustment

…and you’re invited to help us strengthen it.

New Start Orthodontics is a partner for dental practices that lets providers keep traditional orthodontic cases within their practice through technology, training, monitoring and support. The best part? Having your very own in-house orthodontist… but virtually. We give your staff the tools necessary to handle orthodontic concerns for children and adults. And as a dentist, you can learn as much or as little as you like. With support from New Start, you’ll grow your practice through a more patient-centric and business-friendly approach to orthodontic care.

Here’s why you need olkaī in your practice

  • Incorporating  orthodontics in comprehensive dental care is good for your patients and good for your practice, and invisalign®  has made it easy to do
  • But many orthodontic patients can’t be treated with aligners alone and were referred to an orthodontist… until now
  • We’re using the latest state-of-the-art technology to make the full spectrum of orthodontic care, including braces, just as easy
  • And just like with invisalign® there’s no special training or inventory required, but with the added advantage of an orthodontist supervising the treatment every step of the way

Let’s accelerate your practice’s growth

John McIntyre, DDS

CEO & Founder, New Start Orthodontics

Dr.  McIntyre (fondly known around the office as “Dr. Mac”) received his DDS degree from an accelerated honors dental program at Case Western Reserve University

  • Top 1% of dentists in US on National Dental Boards
  • Presented research before the American Association of Orthodontists
  • Invisalign® provider since its inception and created Petalign aligners for dogs and cats
  • Consultant at OraMetrix, Inc., the innovator in digital orthodontic solutions
  • Extensive knowledge of virtual 3-D imaging, techniques that have been incorporated into the olkai™ system


    Meet Dr. Mac
    Interested in learning more? John would be happy to speak with you about the olkaī Beta Program.